Luminous Design Elements

We're pretty analog here. Whether or not we begin with software, we generally finalize our design work with pencils, erasers and sandpaper. The details that screens can't reveal are the ones that excite us most.

While we have standard specs for each model, timbers, parts, and electronics are chosen on an instrument-to-instrument basis to best suit the needs of the player and the characteristics of the guitar. We have hand-selected some of the finest components the world has to offer!


The woods used in making a guitar define how it feels, how it sounds, and how it catches our eye. These are the things that make us want to play! This is why we pay such attention to the woods we use. We paw through the stacks of our local suppliers and the infinite stacks the internet has to offer. It's our eternal treasure hunt!

We make use of a great variety of timbers, but of our preferred varieties include:

  • Bodies: Mahogany, Limba, Ash, Alder, Walnut
  • Necks: Maple, Mahogany, Wenge, Padauk
  • Fingerboards: Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Maple, Ziricote
  • Tops: Walnut, Maple, Stabilized Burl

We have many reasons for these choices. If you'd like to hear why, please reach out! It's one of the many things we love to gab about.


Many timbers used in guitar making are becoming rarer every year. Our mission is to get the most out of build lumber. To this end, some years ago we started making making knobs, covers, pickguards, and whatever else we can from neck and body cutoffs! You may see some instruments on the site with mass-produced knobs and plastic pickguards. We avoid these now! We're all about showcasing the natural elements of our builds.

Our preferred parts vendor is Hipshot Products of Interlaken, NY, USA. Their quality, innovation and creativity are of a caliber that we feel matches us perfectly!

Their facility is powered by solar energy, reflecting our own environmental values.


When it comes to electric instruments, the electronics determine the scope of our ability to shape our own sound. While many of us are happy with the essential volume-tone configuration, there are those who want to get a little crazier. Onboard effects loops, preamps, and effects are all within reach. Many require only small modifications to existing designs!

We can get as wild as you want.

As you might expect, we are able to incorporate any brand into our designs, but we have partnerships with some spectacular pickup producers.